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Hello! I’m Raegon, and I believe in better!

I believe in better wellbeing and mental health for children, staff, parents, carers and families.

I think we can have better working standards in every sector, that support the mental health and wellbeing of everybody, but in order to achieve this it takes us all to work together, and a shift in the entrenched patterns of society. We have a unique chance to make these changes NOW!

This belief is what drives me.

I am a consultant and educator based in the West Midlands. I have worked in schools for over 20 years in a large variety of roles from class teacher, through phase leader, deputy headteacher to lead teacher advisor for a local authority which means I have plenty of ‘hands on’ real life experience in supporting settings and the families they serve, alongside supporting the private and business sectors. I am also qualified as a relaxation therapist and stress management consultant so I am well placed to provide support to you and your teams, as well as children, families and individuals. My passion for teaching, grounded in active real-life experiences enables me to use my background to help you build a nurturing, mentally healthy environment with robust wellbeing at its heart.

Raegon Guest BEd, MASC Relax, Professional Stress Consultant, MHFA

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