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Raegon has been an incredible support in helping and guiding us develop our staff wellbeing programme.  Raegon has provided us with excellent and independent oversight, aiding us to unpick what matters to our staff. This has included areas for further development and most importantly, helping us celebrate what we are good at.  Raegon is continuing to feature prominently within our wellbeing agenda as her knowledge, professionalism and most importantly her passion for wellbeing is invaluable to us.

-Jackie Callaghan

Welfare Manager & DSL

Penn Fields School


Raegon has been an absolutely fantastic support to our school. She has communicated back and forth with me over the space of two years about improving well-being amongst staff and children. Not only was the training she delivered informative and extremely positive, but also eye opening. She has left some brilliant resources behind for us and has contributed to our charter mark. Alongside this, she has offered suggestions for books, resources and other activities that we could do in school to ensure our well-being is taken into account each and every day.

I really hope to continue working with Raegon, as not only is she professional and very informed, but she has also become a friend due to her kind nature and supportive means.

- Hollie Millington

PSHE Lead, Hateley Heath Primary School

Raegon has supported our PSHE lead regarding well being within our school. She has provided work shops and whole school training for staff on well being and we found this invaluable.

Raegon is an extremely professional lady and she has a passion for promoting well being within the workplace. She has an excellent knowledge and understanding of different approaches to well being and these are all based on research and personal experience.

-Andrea Garcia

Head Teacher, Hateley Heath Academy

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